Published on Mar 6, 2013 In this interview with Aaron Dykes of Dr. Russell Blaylock discuses the origins of eugenics and social engineering. He also goes into depths about water fluoridation and the science behind how fluoride affects the brain and nervous system. Dr. Blaylock also discuses the effects of vaccinations and the increasing vaccination schedule. He offers explanations as to what may be the real intentions behind it all.. The war on our food supply continues!   Apr 22, 2015 Jeffrey Smith, the world's leading expert and best-selling author on the health risks of genetically modified organisms in food (GMOs) interviews Dr. Jack Heinemann. If You Think Your Kid's Vaccines are Safe, DON'T Watch This! What exactly is in typical vaccines that kids get? You might be surprised. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an expert on vaccines. She says you'll also be surprised at how much kids today get versus just a generation ago. Dr Suzanne Humphries, a practicing nephrologist (kidney physician) says the vaccine industry isn't giving people both sides of the story, and parents need to get informed before subjecting their children to vaccines that can potentially cause serious harm or even death. Robyn O'Brien | The New Food Economy | TEDxFrontRange2014 A former food industry analyst, author, Robyn O'Brien brings compassion, insight and detailed analysis to her research into the health of American families. She has been called "food's Erin Brockovich" by the New York Times, Why Chemotherapy Doesn’t Work Over 90% of the Time Dr. Gonzalez MD describes the high failure rate of chemo for most cancers. He also gives his opinion as to why chemo is often a first treatment option when it’s success rate is so low.